Sang Whang

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Reverse Aging with Alkaline Water! (English)

Sang Whang


Sang Whang, that wonderful Korean American scientist and inventor, explains it beautifully in his ground-breaking book Reverse Aging.

He says water has memory (we’ve seen this in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s amazing crystal images and in the early works of homoeopaths) but he goes further. He says this memory is expressed as a measurable electrical energy. This energy can be measured in volts (or millivolts, because it’s always very small) and can be lost over time. When water has this electrical potential, it has the ability to cause the hydrogen atoms in it to assume two different forms.

(Sang Whang’s book describes his discovery of ionized, alkaline water – and at age 78 is looking and sounding as good as I would hope to look at that age!)

Stay with me, this is about as technical as I’m going to get!

When water has electrical energy, it causes the hydrogen within it to assume one of two forms. One is hydrogen that has a positive electrical charge. This water is ‘acidic’. The other is hydrogen that bonds with an oxygen atom and becomes negatively charged. This is the building block of life itself, and chemically, it is in the form of OH-.

One oxygen atom, one hydrogen atom with this negative electrical charge. That’s ionized water. It now has energy it wants to donate to any compatible atom in your body. And it is called ‘alkaline’.

In both forms, these ions or atoms, now have the capability to precipitate chemical reactions of other minerals in water. What has that got to do with your health and longevity?

Nothing happens in our bodies without a chemical reaction.

And every chemical reaction only happens when the ‘electricity’ between just two atoms is compatible. So we can say that we are a chemical organism – by courtesy of electricity.

At the molecular level, way beyond the cells, trillions of electrically uniting and repelling is going on every millisecond of your life. It’s a veritable orgy of unity, and it’s happening right now in your body, it always has, and it continues until the balance of acid and alkaline reactions – the battle between them – is over.

And what wins this battle of the ions? Acid – every time. We all know that our body acids take over after we die to break down the body. Let me tell you, they’ve been doing just that for many, many years before you die. They’re doing it now! Rusting, decaying, breaking down, burning, oxidizing – all a natural part of our balanced metabolism.

So.. life as we know it is an internal ‘battle’ between positively charged atoms (ions) and negatively charged atoms (ions). We can equally – but less accurately – say life is a battle between acid and alkaline, because that’s exactly what pH is all about.

pH = acid/alkaline balance = ionizing = O.R.P.

Coming back to water – when there are more H+ ions in the water than OH- ions, it will read as acidic. When there are more OH- than H+, it’s alkaline water.

I’d like to pause here a minute and review what we have discussed. I’ll put it in point form:

  • Acid or alkaline liquid is measured as pH.
  • pH is a measure of hydrogen ions (atoms).
  • The more H+ in a liquid, the more ‘acidic’.
  • The more OH-, the more alkaline.
  • Acid and alkaline can be thought of electrically as ions of Hydrogen carrying either a positive or negative charge of electricity.
  • All chemical processes in your body are begun and completed when the correct electrical charge is found to match the electrical charge of another atom. Nothing happens without electricity. Electricity and chemistry, therefore, are the same in the body.

Are we OK with that? If not, please spare another five precious minutes and read it all again, because what comes next rests upon your understanding so far and is the key to the secret of health and anti ageing that I’m communicating.

Okay. So water can have hydrogen ions in it. Are you OK with me using the word ‘ion’? An ion is an atom with an electrical charge.

We can measure pH using litmus paper or an electronic pH meter. It will give us a reading of from 0 to 14, with pH 7 being neutral; neither acid nor alkaline. Or we can use an ORP meter which tells us a lot more. It tells us the O = Oxidizing or R = reducing or donating Potential of a liquid. That’s what O.R.P. means.

Oxidizing means the ability to oxidize. To burn up. To rust. To break down, and the example I used earlier of a cadaver breaking down is an excellent one. It is oxidizing.

Reducing is not as easy to understand. Scientifically, it means giving away, or donating, so if a liquid has ‘reducing potential’ it has the ability to donate energy to the body.